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1st Luminous Treepalace

2nd Luminous Treepalace

The Central Treepalace

Energy-trees, energy-bushes and other elements of the installation

Tree-Palace Garden of Peace and Energy text


So what is this installation about?


The Treepalace Garden of Peace and Energy installation was originally meant to be part of Sonatas and Nocturnes in G, but gradually grew a life of its own through what I could only refer to as the natural order of things.


From the onset, the installation was created with the aim of representing a garden of energy and peace, a haven to recharge in, a garden that fills anyone who visits it with the most positive energy possible and lights the path back to their own inner light and inner stillness, or peace. However, its meaning and reach intuitively grew and evolved as I worked on it, taking off from the personal to the global, as a symbolic representation of Peace and the search for inner stillness/peace.

It is my personal belief that peace in the world will only ever be attained when everyone has found their own peace with and within themselves, or at least begun the long search for it. Before being a global one, the journey is always a personal one. There is a deeper meaning to the saying “We are one”.


More and more every day, I am convinced that World Peace begins with each individual's cultivation of personal stillness/peace with and within themselves, and this treepalace garden, which began as an act of love for one person and gradually grew into an act of love for the entire world, is my tiny contribution to help you feel this calming peace for a few moments, and hopefully encourage you to look deeper for your own inner stillness / peace.


The installation consists of an array of lovingly hand-made sculptures – the luminous treepalaces and the energy-trees - and too many other elements to mention.  






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