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What would the eyes of trees tell us, if they had any? And would we cut them down so indifferently if they did have any eyes? If trees could speak to us, what would they say? Would they resent us for what we have done and are still doing to them? For not appreciating the countless forms of protection and joy they gift us all year-long?

“Treefaces” was born from a project that focused on the countless worlds that co-exist within our own world, and which we often forget or fail to see altogether. Trees have always fascinated me by the graceful contrast of solidity and fragility that they embody and by the limitless things they symbolise, so focusing on them came somehow naturally. I see a face, and sometimes many, on every tree I come across and some genuinely seem to have entire universes spread across their trunks and branches. This project is just one more way of honouring them and the myriad gifts they bestow upon all creatures, from the tiniest to the largest. 

Treeface 1.jpg
Treeface 2.jpg
Treeface 3.jpg
Treeface 1A.jpg
WeiTing Tree 1 - DSC_1501.jpg
WeiTing Tree 2 - DSC_1504.jpg
Treeface 7.jpg
Treeface 4.jpg
Treeface 6.jpg
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