Sonatas and Nocturnes in G

Sonatas and Nocturnes in G is a large series of images and an art installation. The installation is called Tree-Palace Garden of Peace and Energy and is still a work in progress. 

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Treepalace Garden of Peace and Energy

work in progress

Like every other part of ‘Sonatas and Nocturnes in G’, the ‘Tree-Palace Garden of Peace and Energy’ installation was originally inspired by and created for someone very dear to me who was going through a tough time, and was conceived as a healing haven to recharge in and find some inner peace when things became a bit too overwhelming.

The images

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Explaining Sonatas and Nocturnes in G has never been easy… I have so many versions of “explanations” of this “phenomenon” (because it was one) but I always seem to end up writing a new one every time I have to talk about it… So I will start by giving you the “official” and slightly shorter version, as follows:


Sonatas and Nocturnes in G is an exploration and a journey deep inside the slow healing and rebirth process of a dearly beloved, following the most harrowing time in their life. 
Rising from the notion that we all have our inner worlds and that everyone is an ever-changing landscape, most of the images, sculptures and other artwork portray the transformations of inner landscapes through the many cycles of rebirth and internal changes, while many represent worlds created as healing grounds or havens of peace to recharge in during those emotionally charged times. 

Sonatas and Nocturnes in G is also a portrait of the true beauty of a person, beyond the limited and ephemeral beauty of their physical aspect and right down into the intense, profound and wondrous beauty of the spiritual self, the luminous self, the true self we are inside, the one that endures. 

Sonatas and Nocturnes in G consists of a large series of images, as well as an installation and several small sculptures and models. 
The installation is still a work in progress, as are some of the sculptures, but it’s all slowly getting there.  


Now for the longer version, if you wish to know about it… 

As I was saying, I have written so many different texts in an attempt to explain how the whole “phenomenon” was born, but none ever seem to do justice to the ineffable beauty of the spontaneity with which it gradually, unintentionally but gracefully took shape… 

Unintentionally because Sonatas and Nocturnes in G is a project that was never meant to be one. I never consciously began working on it as such nor did I ever initially intend for any of the images and artworks it consists of to be other than instruments for the specific motive I created them for, or to be seen by anyone other than the person they were specifically made for. 

You see Sonatas and Nocturnes in G was born through one of life’s mysterious unfoldings, literally as an act of love, out of love, for someone very dear to me who was going through the worst time of their life in almost every aspect possible. We lived in different countries at the time and because I could not be with them, I built a habit of sending them little encouraging messages on an almost daily basis, more often than not accompanied by either a photograph or an illustration I had created to complement or complete each respective message.   

Because of the urgency of the situation at first and the fact I wanted certain messages to arrive at specific moments to address what I sensed to be an immediate necessity for either or all of comfort, energy, reassurance, strength, courage, love (the list goes on..), some of the illustrations had to be created hastily so they could be sent at the adequate moment, which meant that I often had to sacrifice quality for urgency and give much more importance to the general feel, mood and energy the image exuded rather than to its fine details, technical qualities or perfection. This is also why many of the first images which later became part of Sonatas and Nocturnes in G were not created in high resolution, because I never for a split-second imagined they would ever be used for anything other than comforting and giving courage and love to my dearly beloved. So I often had no choice but to sketch quickly, colour quickly and where relevant, assemble everything just as quickly to complete the image that I felt to be an important part of the message I wanted to send. High-resolution images take a long time to work with, so I used to go for small-resolution to save time. Urgency was key at first, but… 

Little by little, as my dearly beloved built more and more inner strength to rise back from their ashes, and as their life started to gradually gain some balance again, I had more time to create the images and focus on finer details. There was less immediate urgency and more of a personal wish on my behalf to continue sending healing and uplifting energy, love, warmth and beautiful things to that same beloved. 

It was then I realized I was spending pretty much all of the time I had outside of my working hours (and often during those hours) creating pieces of writing and images for that dear person, and so I decided, with their consent, to start sharing these images and turning the whole intense experience into a full-blown project. 
Why did I call it Sonatas and Nocturnes in G

Because the title came to me out of nowhere one day, and it seemed perfectly fitting and appropriate for the verbal and visual musings that this dearest of creatures was sparking intolife through me, and because it all felt like the most beautiful music I had ever heard.


Also, “Nocturnes” because so much of the writing and creative process took place very, very late into so many nights… 

While half of the images and other artwork that form Sonatas and Nocturnes in G represent worlds created as healing grounds and havens of peace to recharge in during emotionally charged times, the other half are representations of the ever-metamorphosing inner landscapes I saw inside this dear person, or that they somehow projected in me. This part tends to freak people out when I try to explain it but... at the risk of freaking them out a little bit more… it actually Is what happened… 

Why Sonatas and Nocturnes in G and not, say, E, C or A? 

This one is very simple. It’s in honour of one of the names of that person, which starts with a G. 
There is also a more deeply personal reason for the title, but in the same way I cannot share the messages that were exchanged between us because they are extremely personal, you wouldn’t understand the other explanation even if I tried explaining it… so I hope the above sheds enough light.




Phoenix Tree 

Phoenix Tree.jpg

Rebirth 1

G's Cave 4.jpg

Rebirth 2

Lagos en Gruta de G.jpg

Rebirth 3

Rebirth 3 _ Sonatas and Nocturnes in G _

Autumn in a Lover's Heart (Rebirth 4)

Autumn in a Lover's Heart [Rebirth].jpg

Against the odds (A contre-vents)

Luminous white G-Tree against the odds 1

Protective Sky over River of Light

Protective sky for G.jpg

Mountains of Love

Mountain of Love.jpg

Melting Sky

Melting sky - G .jpg

Une goutte de tes yeux

Une goutte de tes yeux DSC_0386.jpg

Night Castle

Night Castle - G .jpg

Meteors of Love

Mountains of Love for G low res.jpg

Hatching Suns

Hatching Suns for G - low res.jpg

Moon and Mountains


Light of Love at Kew

Light of Love at Kew _ Lola Awada _ libr

Energy Rain on Mountains of Love

Energy rain on Mountains - Sonatas and N

Tree-Palace on Rocks (Tree-Palace 1)

Tree-Palace on Rocks _ DSC_1349 2.jpg

Tree-Palace 2

Tree Palace 2 _ Arbre Palais 2 DSC_0508.

Peace Tree-Palace (Tree-Palace 3)

Peace Tree-Palace _ Arbre Palais de Paix

Tree-Palace 4


Tree-Palace of Confused Tenderness (Tree-Palace 5)

Tree-Palce of Confused Tenderness - DSC_

Tree-Palace of Polarities (Tree-Palace 6)

DSC_0087 - mid res.jpg

Mountain and full moon

Moutain - Sonatas & Nocturnes in G.jpg

Stars Never Stop Shining

web image 4.jpg

Castle in the Sky

[2] Castle in the sky for my Sweet.jpg

Eternal Sunshine

Eternal Sunshine - Sonatas and Nocturnes

Lantern Tree

Arbre lanterne pour G - low res.jpg

Waterfall of Energy 2

Waterfall of G energy .jpg

Waterfall of Energy 5

Untitled 4 - from Sonatas and Nocturnes

Waterfall of Energy 3

Untitled 2 - from Sonatas and Nocturnes

Waterfall of Energy 1

Untitled - from Sonatas and Nocturnes in

Waterfall of Energy 4

Waterfall of Energy 4 - DSC_0602.jpg

Bring out the light within the rage

Bring out the light within the rage -  G

Love Tree

Love tree 2.jpg

Vent Purificateur / Purifying Wind

36 _ Vent purifiant for G - low res.jpg

Mountain of Light

Moutain of Light - FILE1389 mid res.jpg

Energy Drops (Purple Dew)

Purple Dew.jpg


Lighthouse for G.jpg

Healing Elixir 1

Healing elixir 1 - low res.jpg

Larmes de Ciel

Larmes de Ciel jpg

Baobab Neigeux

Baobab Neigeux - low res.jpg

Jardins de Tendre Energy (Gardens of Loving Energy)

Jardins de tendre energie - low res.jpg

Heart of Energy and Courage

Heart of energy and courage -  G .jpg


Alba .jpg

Moon and Luminous Tree


Calming Water

Calming water .jpg


G Dancing.jpg


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