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Creative Engagement with Iranian Refugees in London

This creative engagement was organised by Dr. Roghieh Dehghan Zaklaki, a UCL researcher and Wellcome Trust Research Fellow, as part of her wider research. It brings together three different groups of Iranian Refugees in London for a set of two workshops each, through which different themes related to migration are "loosely" addressed, to allow the participants to express their own personal feelings, sensations and impressions of their respective experiences. 

Other than Dr. Dehghan, three artists are involved in the running of the workshops:

Lola Awada, Maryam Sandjari Hashemi and Majid Adin, and we also have the pleasure of working with Public Engagement Expert and Researcher Dr. Sohail Jannesari.

The engagement will culminate in a public exhibition bringing together all the work created by the participants and the artists alike. The date for the exhibition has not yet been set but this page will be updated when more information is available. 

Creative Public Engagements

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