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My love of trees (and slight obsession with them) began from my early childhood, a very large part of which was spent, in, on, under, around or surrounded by trees.


For me, they were always a haven, a shelter, a place where I could feel free, happy and safe at the same time.  Few things are as reassuring to me as trees are.


Their multitude of shapes, colours, fragrances and that combination of utter strength and fragility fascinated me. Well before I had any inkling of the many symbolisms they embodied, from spiritual nourishment and growth, transformation and liberation, union, romance, endurance, strength, harmony, passion… to name but a few, they already represented all that was positive in the world to me, and they still do.


It was therefore no wonder that trees became present in almost all of my work, and only natural that

I ended up with a whole set of images of trees in one form or another, either on their own or as part

of  a wider landscape. The ones I present here are from various different projects, and only a sample of my ever-expanding collection of trees.


I am often asked if my trees represent the “The Tree of Life”, to which I can only answer that they are, in a sense, “Trees of Life”; different depictions of what life is and can be, of life’s experiences, events, emotions, feelings, ups, and downs…


For trees, to me, represent Life itself, with all it encompasses.


I hope that this project will spread my love of trees in as many hearts as possible, and will help to protect as many trees from being cut or burned down as possible too.

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