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I dream - part 4

I dream...

"I dream" is a project created with my birth country, Lebanon, in mind and heart, as well as all other countries suffering from war or civil unrest. It consists of a poem and a series of images and possibly (very) short video. The images, which are/will all be akin to dreamlike settings, aim to have many layers of meaning, one of which is the search for a feeling of safety and comfort in a world gone mad, where chaos has become the norm and dreaming becomes a way of survival, to keep hope, or rather, the image of a better life, alive.

Some of the images below are the final ones, though I have not yet decided which images will be the final ones for every part of "I dream,"  as there are many...

This is the first part of the poem, to give you a clearer idea of what the project is about:

“I dream of a land where beds are safe and cosy
A land where beds are safe enough to dream in,
Cosy enough to snuggle in
Without the fear of never waking up.

I dream of a land where sleeping is not a dangerous activity
And where beds only fly to dreamlands
Always landing back safely
On lands where nothing burns.


I dream - part 3

I dream - part 2

(turn sound on and view in full screen)

The music (which will not be the final music as I do not own copyright to it whatsoever) is 夜曲 / Nocturne by 周杰倫 / Jay Chou.

I dream - part 1