War Tree

(Variation on an interpretation of War)

This project started in a bathroom and ended in a tree. 

Born from a project about space and environment, I had focused on bathrooms as one of my favourite spaces, because during the (Lebanese) war, this was the safest place to hide in, hence my love story with the bathroom. That it degenerated into a project about war comes as no surprise, I let the river flow and there it went – so to speak. 

The tree represents an unfolding, an amalgam of feelings and imagination, of hope and despair. Growth mingled with destruction, the vicious cycle that never seems to end when dreams dive through blood and nightmares, and only ever accept to resurface as flowers that give birth to more dreams…

The project consisted of 2 parts, the sequence of images above, and a second sequence of text and images, originally presented as double sided postcards, each containing one sentence, hanging from a ceiling in no particular order. Although there is a specific order to the sentences, they were written in such a way as to also mean or suggest something when read in isolation.

The slideshow below presents the full sequence. 

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