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Love: a different perspective  /  爱:一個不同的視角

in on-going collaboration with  XiangKuan Zhu   |   朱相宽的持续合作

Love: a different perspective


The word “Love” and the word “Difference” tend to be understood in a one-dimensional way, which often leaves out the most beautiful and important meanings both words branch out into. As our artistic collaboration unfolded around the many differences between our life experiences, cultures and traditions, we both found only Great Harmony in said differences. After extensive communication and after overturning multiple themes, we finally settled on “Love: a different perspective” as our creative theme, as a sort of continuation to not only overcome our differences but to weave them into something complete and in tune in its divisiveness. To find a way to live together in harmony and reflect the tolerance of Great Love, in contrast to the post-epidemic era so replete with confrontations and to all the conflicts in the world.

The way we chose to do that is twofold: first, we merged photographs from our respective countries in such a way that the viewer could not tell, without being specifically told, that there were two different countries in one image. Second, we merged some of our own respective artworks together, to find balance in our different viewpoints and creative styles.

As the curator Yu Gao advocates, conflicts and confrontations will always exist, but instead of wasting time discussing whether people are good or evil, wouldn’t it be much more beneficial to all those involved to create ways of stimulating each other's "goodness" and look for harmony instead of conflict?


“爱”和“不同”这些词倾向于被理解以一维方式,这经常会遗漏这两次的最美丽而最重要的可以抽枝到的含义随着我们的艺术合作开始展开着围绕我们生活经历文化和传统之间的许多差异,在上述差异中,我们两个只发现了大同。经过很多次的沟通和尝试,找到并推翻多个主题后,他们最后确定了“爱---一个不同的视角”为创作主题,作为一种延续不只于克服分歧,但 将它们编织成在其分裂性完整和搭调的东西。试图在所有的这些不同中找到和谐共处的方式,来体现一种关于大爱的包容,与后疫情时代世界各地多对抗和冲突的态势形成对比。





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