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Almost all of my workshops are mixed-media based, to allow creativity a much wider expression and to allow participants to be more playful with their own creativity in an easy-going, fun and stress-free atmosphere. 

My workshops are called "mixed-media workshop to unwind creatively" because the focus is precisely on that and not so much on technique. I encourage participants to break all their creative boundaries in a space in which they can unwind, relax, explore and recharge while creating beautiful artworks from a variety of media and in as little or as many colours as they choose. 

We all have a vast but often "hibernating" creative potential that always comes out better through play and this is why my workshops aim to take participants , whatever their age, to a space where they can feel free to explore, try (almost) any creative combination and just watch their creativity and imagination run wild. A sort of art therapy to help expand all horizons and melt stress away. 

I currently offer regular workshops (usually every fortnight) at Cass Art Islington, which you can can book through this link:

I will also be offering two one-off (and longer) small sculpture workshops in 2023, also at Cass Art Islington, and the link to book these is 

I also often run slightly different workshops for other creative engagements and purposes, in different organisations and settings, often in accordance with each specific organisation and audience's needs and requirements. Please get in touch with me directly for more information about how to organise these. Thank you!

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