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My main focus at the moment is on the installation I am creating for the series Sonatas and Nocturnes in G.


Still a work in progress, the installation, which will most probably be called Tree-Palace Garden of Energy and Peace, will aim to represent just what its title suggests. A little haven of peace and beautiful energy. A place to recharge in or visit regularly to make sure your energy and inner peace supplies stay adequately topped-up : )


The installation will be made up of a number of tree-palaces (some of which will be illuminated) energy-trees and many, many energy-spheres (those little colourful spheres that are everywhere. Yep. They're energy : )

There will be many other elements too, as the images show. 


The progress is slow in part because I am not able to dedicate as much of my time as I would like to the installation, so I work on it whenever I can. On some days I might be able to spend up to 8 hours on it, on others, I am lucky if I can even look at my work in progress...


The other reason the progress is slow is that all the elements of the installation take a lot of time and patience to create. The birth of every tiny element of this little magic garden is like a meditation, and it must be so if the garden is to have the effect it is meant to have...




Sonatas and Nocturnes in G - The installation

More images here...

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