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I am currently working on several projects simultaneously, but focusing mainly on the following two:


The Tree-Palace Garden of Energy and Peace installation, which to all intents and purposes is almost ready, except that I am waiting for the paint on the domes to dry, literally! I chose to paint them with oil-based paints, which takes a long time to dry at the best of times but with the cold and dampness, is taking a slightly ridiculous time to do so... Once this finally happens, all that remains to be done is to set up the whole installation, which is made up of several small sculptures and other elements and begin working on the lighting. This will require a large space, which I currently do not have access to, so my humble living room might have to do in first instance...

This installation aims to represent just what its title suggests: a little haven of peace and harmonious energy. A place to recharge in or visit regularly to make sure your energy and inner peace supplies stay adequately topped-up.

I dream is the other project I am most eager to complete at the moment. It is in its early stages still, and is about my country of birth, Lebanon. 





Sonatas and Nocturnes in G - The installation

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