Children's book for children 4 to 444, which aims to infuse and reinforce a love of and respect for nature and the environment, with a Kung Fu twist to the humorous story.

"Me," came the voice once more, and just as Clara was about to respond, she heard a buzz again and saw a very strange creature land on a branch in front of her. He was not a bird, not an insect, not a fairy, not an elf or a pixie and not a human either, but he looked a bit like all of these creatures at the same time. He was plump with skinny legs, bald with a long white beard, his eyes were opposite colours, he seemed young and old at the same time, and wore a sort of colourful tunic with blue socks tied with long black sashes all the way up to his knees, which made Clara ask: "Are you a ballerina fairy?" "A What?" he cried out. "Your socks remind me of a ballerina," she replied with a giggle, seeing the outraged look on his face. "These are Shaolin socks!" he answered indignantly. You see, this little creature

Mama Natura's (naughty) Messenger - paperback book


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