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Mama Natura's (naughty) Messenger

Mama Natura's (naughty) Messenger is a children's book for children from 4 to 444. It is a fun and humorous story about the value and importance of nature, the environment and sharing but... with a Kung Fu twist, as the messenger happens to be a martial arts master...

"Me," came the voice once more, and just as Clara was about to respond, she heard a buzz again and saw a very strange creature land on a branch in front of her. He was not a bird, not an insect, not a fairy, not an elf or a pixie and not a human either, but he looked a bit like all of these creatures at the same time. He was plump with skinny legs, bald with a long white beard, his eyes were opposite colours, he seemed young and old at the same time, and wore a sort of colourful tunic with blue socks tied with long black sashes all the way up to his knees, which made Clara ask: "Are you a ballerina fairy?" "A What?" he cried out. "Your socks remind me of a ballerina," she replied with a giggle, seeing the outraged look on his face. "These are Shaolin socks!" he answered indignantly. You see, this little creature was a Kung Fu master, and his first task was to protect Nature, or Mama Natura, as he liked to call her..."

Click on the image below or Here to purchase the book. 

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